Dunderry Park

I was the only passenger on the bus out of the city. At the tiny town of Navan, I got off the bus with my suitcase and looked around. I was standing on a corner of a street that ran in a crazy zigzag up and down on either side. All I had was a phone number.

Hoping my cell phone would work ok I was vastly relieved when the lady who ran the local cab service answered. In just a few minutes a car arrived with her son, who had just finished taking some kids home from school. He knew exactly where to go and soon we were in the middle of what appeared to be a maze. High hedges surrounded a twisting road hardly wide enough for a bicycle, much less a car. If anyone had been coming the other direction it would not have gone well.

Then we were there. Out of the maze of hedges, like a secret garden, the Dunderry estate came into view. There was a slightly seedy but substantial mansion with a gravel drive and huge trees all around.

A pond, paths through the woods, a little grotto and a labyrinth. There were acorns on the ground, a reminder of oak trees all over the world.

Trees at Dunderry ParkDunderry Park Trees goldenDunderry Park landscapeDunderry Park Estate