The British Musuem

The British Musuemcat mummies

My, there are a lot of weird old things in this place. There's something for everyone, even crazy cat people, like me. Amazing that so much effort went into making these cats into mummies.

Makes you wonder what their lives were really like. Did they play with cat toys, get high on catnip, have temple kitty litter box changers? Is this for real? Did some museum marketing person come up with the idea of making cat 'mummies'? They do have rather dopey expressions....


Then there are these incredibly smooth, polished carvings. There is all sorts of information about the person and dynasty,but not a word about the material or how it was carved. Hmmm.

But the strangest carvings of all are from Iraq - bird-headed beings with feathered headresses, and human-headed bulls with wings!

bird headbullfeathers